Grill Kabob Express



serving authentic Afghan cuisine since 1983!



 Manto $7.99

Steamed dumplings / Beef & Vegetables

Sambosa $5.99

Crispy pastry turnovers, stuffed with potato.

Ashak $6.99

Steamed dumplings /Vegetarian (Leek)

Bolani $12.99

Crispy pastry / leek & potato


Chicken Tikka $15.99

Boneless chicken breast, marinated and grilled.

Lamb Tikka $17.99

Chunks of tender lamb, marinated, grilled.

Beef Tikka $18.99

Chunks of filet mignon, marinated and grilled.

Chicken Kobidah $14.99

Ground chicken, mixed with chopped onions and seasoning grilled.

 Beef Kobidah $15.99

Ground beef, mixed with chopped onions and seasoning grilled.

Soltani Kabob $20.99

Combination of kabob bargh and kobidah kabob, ground beef and filet mignon.

Kabob Bargh $17.99

Chunks of filet mignon, marinated and grilled.

 Chicken & Beef Kobidah Combo $15.99

Combination of one ground chicken skewer and one ground beef skewer.

Combo Platter

Lamb Kabob, Chicken Kabob, 2 Beef Kobidah and 2 Chicken Kobidah, served with bread, salad, 2 sides, and rice.

(Server 3) $48.99 (Server 4) $59.99

Veggie Kabob $14.99

Grilled tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and squash.

Lamb & Chicken $16.99

one skewer each of grilled lamb and grilled chicken

Chicken Thigh $15.99

Chicken Thigh , marinated & grilled

Bone in Chicken Kabob $15.99

Bone in marinated and grilled chicken

Chicken Karahi $17.99

Tomato-based sauce mixed with onion, green & red peppers with Chicken

Lamb Karahi $19.99

Tomato-based sauce mixed with onion, green & red peppers with Lamb

Qabli Palaw $19.99

Authentic brown rice with raisins and carrots, with lamb stew and lamb shank, served with basmati rice and salad.

Lamb Chops $28.99

Pieces of grilled, marinated chops

Fish Kabob $19.99

Salmon filet, marinated and grilled.

Tiliapia Fish $14.99

Fried tilapia with rice, and salad.

Mantoo $15.99

Steamed dumplings, stuffed with ground beef, onion and seasoning, topped with yogurt and meat sauce

Ashak $14.99

Steamed dumplings, stuffed with scallions, topped with yogurt, seasoning, and meat sauce.

 Gyro Platter $14.99

sliced seasoned beef with fries and tzatziki sauce

supper dish $17.99

Chicken & Lamb kabobs, Beef kobidah & Meatballs


Gyro Sandwich $10.99

Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce in a wrap.

Kabob Sandwich $10.99

Topped with lettuce, tomato and onion in a wrap.

Chicken Shawarma $10.99

Marinated & Grilled chicken in a wrap with lettuce and tomato

Side Dishes

Small (8oz) $2.99 Medium (12oz) $3.99 Large (16oz) $4.99




Rice $3.99

French Fries $3.99

Bread $1.50

Hummus $4.95

Yogurt $2.50

White Sauce $3.00

Green Sauce (Chanti”Spicy”) $3.00


Green Salad $2.99
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and cabbage

Afghani Salad $3.99

Chopped salad, cucumber, tomato, onion, and seasoning mixed with ollive oil and lemon juice.


Baklava $3.99

(Pastry with nuts & honey)

jalebi 4.50

(Afghan Pudding)

Grill Kabob Express

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